Fresh ideas for video content can be hard to come by at the best of times, let alone when our brains are frazzled by the endless demands of running a small business.

Even so, we all know by now that when it comes to social media content, video is Queen. The more quality video content we are able to share via our social channels, the more engagement we’re able to encourage from our followers. Video content which is clever, fascinating, funny or hypnotising has taken over all social channels, driven by the runaway success of TikTok and Instagram’s competitor platform, Reels.

The problem with creating great video content is, however, twofold. First, it can be hard to keep thinking of ideas. Second, with restrictions to our movements and interactions in place, it can be hard to actually shoot film in person.

These fresh ideas for video content below won’t have you banging your head against a wall nor breaking lockdown laws. They’re simple but catchy ideas which you can execute at home. Staff scattered across multiple locations? Not a problem. Have each of them film their own little bit and share via WhatsApp or Dropbox (don’t share via text, it compresses the file too much).

We recommend using the InShot app or our favorite tool, Canva, if you like to create your content separately and then upload it. You can save it from your laptop to a dropbox or other cloud folder, then download it onto your phone to post. Otherwise, become adept at using the editing tools within Reels (or TikTok if you use it) to craft cute and clever snippets that look professional too.

One more bit of advice regarding filming – invest in a selfie stand with a good light. Even an inexpensive one like this from Cygnett will be hugely helpful in filming direct to camera.

Fresh Ideas for Video Content

  • Explainer Videos. Explain how to do something or how something is produced or grown. Focus on any interesting element of your business that people have previously shown curiosity about.  An example may be…
    • ‘How to write the perfect elevator pitch’
    • ‘Three surprising ways to use olives in cooking’  or 
    • ‘What’s the difference between sourdough and regular bread’
  • Meet the Team Videos. If you have more than 2 or 3 people working for your business, write a list of 3 questions and film each team member answering them.  Or, if you’re in separate locations, have them self-film and send to you. The best questions will be related to your business, such as…
    • What’s your favourite of our products?
    • What’s the biggest misconception about your job?
    • How many days a week do you bake/print/sew/whatever you do?
  • Behind the Scenes Videos. People are genuinely interested in the processes behind their favourite businesses and brands. Especially if you produce a physical product, but also if you’re a service provider.  Filming a team member preparing products for sending out, or making whatever you make, or even taking a zoom call in their pyjamas (lower half only!) can make for great video content. The office dog, your new standing desk, the clever hack for folding or packing your products *just so* – you get it. Add a funny caption or text overlay to make it even better! People also love if there’s an element of repetition – you know, that hypnotic appeal of an event occurring over and over? Look for it in your work life and capture it on film.

The main thing with video content is to try to rid yourself of your nerves and reluctance to be seen on screen. Confidence is everything! Get really familiar with editing software and tools, and to keep it light and fun. For more ideas related specifically to Reels from our recent guest blog, head here.