Embarking on a journey of entrepreneurship can be equal parts exhilarating, terrifying and frankly, confusing. As the founder of a new business, you’re keen to make your mark but there’s one major stumbling block – accessing the funding you need.

Many businesses start out strapped for cash – especially those founded by women, which globally receive only 1-2% of all available funding. I’m all for boot-strapping (starting a company with little capital, relying on your own capital and resources) but it’s also true that failing to invest in key areas like marketing, staffing, events, premises, stock, and advertising can mean your start-up never really… starts. 

Beyond the cold hard cash, putting your money where your mouth is can light a fire under your business dreams and turbocharge your confidence. It’s not about running before you can crawl, it’s about mindset, strategy and how your venture presents to the world.

Mindset Mastery

In the realm of entrepreneurship, your mindset is your compass. When you allocate real resources to making our vision come to life, we’re not merely imagining success – you’re actively working towards it. This action reinforces self-belief and builds confidence, that sneaky feeling that you’re not qualified, that someone will realize you’re a ‘fraud’. 

Investing early is like a magic antidote. As you make real investments, you’re gaining real-world experience. You’re not faking it; you’re doing it. Each investment in marketing, staff, and more is a testament to your expertise and drive. The more you invest, the quieter that imposter voice becomes.

Seeing Is Believing (For You and Others!) 

Here’s the amazing thing about investing in your business – it makes it tangible, not just for you but for everyone around you. Your family sees the resources you’re dedicating, your network witnesses your commitment, and potential customers notice your dedication. Your business morphs from an abstract idea into a living, breathing entity. And as others start seeing it as ‘real,’ it reinforces your own belief in its potential.

Ripple Effect

The power of early investment goes beyond the balance sheet. It ripples out to your family, your friends, and your wider community. Your dedication becomes a source of inspiration. Others see your determination and grit, and it encourages them to chase their dreams too. Your investments aren’t just funding marketing campaigns or staff salaries – they’re paving the way for a movement of empowered women in business.

back your dreams

So, where does the funding come from? There are avenues aplenty:

  1. Bootstrapping – your own savings and resources lay the foundation.
  2. Angel investors – support from believers who share your vision.
  3. Venture capital – for scalable and game-changing ideas.
  4. Small business loans – traditional avenues for a boost.
  5. Crowdfunding – a community-driven way to fund your dreams.
  6. Grants and competitions – rewards for your innovative spirit.

Investing early isn’t just about the numbers; it’s about rewriting your entrepreneurial story. By staking your resources, you’re amplifying your confidence, quelling imposter syndrome, and proving to yourself and the world that your business is no illusion. So, seize the opportunity, invest in your dreams, and watch as your journey transforms into a tale of triumph!

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