Wondering how to start increasing website conversions for your online business? It’s a common theme; plenty of traffic, not enough sales.

I was recently asked to contribute to an ‘expert round-up’ article which canvasses the opinions of 10+ experts on a topic. In this case, the subject was exactly that – web design tips for increasing website conversions. Here is my excerpt. To read the full blog including the thoughts of other experts in digital marketing, CLICK HERE.

“My design tips for clients looking to increase website conversions are informed by two different techniques. The first is to go back to the start and take a really deep dive into your target audience.

Who is your most likely consumer – who is your ideal consumer? What is the ‘pain point’ they are looking to solve when they come to your website?

For example, their pain point may be that they need to buy a new swimsuit, but they’re a normal-sized woman, not a tiny model, and most online swimwear retailers focus on perfect figures and skimpy designs.

Exactly how MOST women look in their swimming costume, right?

How does YOUR brand and online store firstly understand, and secondly solve this pain point better than any of your competitors, and how can you convince them that you do?

What do they love and what are they drawn to outside of your own category? What are their priorities?

You need to completely inhabit the mindset of the people who will be visiting your site, to really understand what they want, then weave this throughout the design and 9critically) the copy.

The second tip is to go through your website ‘blind’ – by this I mean, imagine you’ve never visited it before, and land on the homepage. Begin there. Do you know where to go from a cold landing like this? Does the website draw you in?

Do you feel there’s a logical path, are recommendations and other automated features ‘on the money’ or not? Which hurdles are in your way from landing on the homepage to checking out?

Typical hurdles include navigation issues, illogical groupings of products, illogical recommendations, pricing too high, shipping price too high or complicated, checkout process too long, website overall messy and cluttered, poor photography (or insufficient photography), too many pop-ups and non-brand widgets, a design which doesn’t appeal to your target audience in terms of age, gender, likes and dislikes, etc.

Remove every barrier you can find, make your website flow and ensure it presents your brand in the best light, solving your customers’ problems neatly, easily, and attractively.

This is the essence of increasing website conversions from a design perspective.”

With thanks to Minuca Elena for including me in this article.

Photo by Max on Unsplash