If you’re a small business looking to be ‘findable’ on Google in your local area, Local SEO is what you need.  Recently, I contributed to an expert round-up on how to make this happen, which I’m excited to share an excerpt from!

Full article published in www.youcanbefound.com

“Local SEO is necessary for both online and offline businesses. 

Today there is a lot of competition, even for traditional brick and mortar firms, and people have become used to researching everything on Google. Whether you need an electrician, a plumber or an interior designer, the easiest thing you can do is to search for them on Google. 

Gone are the days when you would discover a new business by just walking on the street and seeing a big ad on a building. 

Now to be found it’s essential to have a well-functioning and regularly updated website that ranks for your targeted keywords.”

The article features of top tips from 30 SEO experts globally including me (i.e. Lauren, Digital Narrative owner and SEO expert!)  It includes some excellent suggestions across a broad range of tactics.

My personal top tip?

This might sound radical, but I would encourage any local business to consider the name of their business, and whether it describes what they do and their location easily enough.  

If you have an obscure business name (let’s say ‘Snazzy Pipes’ for a plumber), it is harder to optimise your site for a descriptive keyword (like ‘south Sydney plumbing’) than if you feature those keywords in your name or tagline.  

If you consider incorporating your keyword description into your name (for e.g. Snazzy South Sydney Plumbing) then your URL, your copy, your titles, your metadata, EVERYTHING will contain that core, strong local keyword.  

I have had incredible success (page one within 2 weeks) for a client who was bold enough to do this!

To discover what we would recommend for your small business to get you ranking for those critical keywords, get in touch via our Contact page and let’s go from there.  It’s probably not as hard, or as costly as you’re imagining to make a meaningful difference in your site’s optimisation.

To read more tips from the other 29 experts, click here.  Thank you to Minuca from You Can Be Found for including me in this article!