If learning how to write an optimised blog for your website has been on your ‘to-do’ list forever, make today the day you tackle this handy skill! It’s a great way to improve your website rankings and attract the attention of the search engines. It also gives your regular website visitors something new to read.

As with many digital marketing skills, writing optimised blogs isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Yes, there’s jargon involved, but I am here to demystify it.

Let’s start with some common terms!

  • H1 / H2 / H3 (and so on): heading size 1, heading size 2 etc.
  • Keyword or Keywords: the word (or usually phrase of 2 or 3 words) you’ll focus the blog on. It should be one which is frequently searched on Google. Discover this using online tools like Google Keyword Planner. More on keywords later including where to place them!
  • Wordcount: how many words in the blog including titles. Aim for over 500 (but over 350 is OK if it’s all you can muster)
  • Subheading: Blogs and all copy online looks best if its broken into small chunks. Give each of these small chunks (a paragraph or two) it’s own sub-heading.
  • Readbility: Google – and many humans – don’t like super long sentences. They’re hard for people who don’t speak English as a first language ton negotiate, too. So break your sentences up into shorter sentences.

Keywords must appear in;

  • The blog heading (H1)
  • At least one subheading (H2)
  • In the first part of the first sentence
  • Somewhere in the main blog at least twice per 500 words (inclusive of the one in the first sentence)
  • In the title of any images added to the blog (even the featured image)

How to Write an Optimised Blog: General Tips

  • Don’t ‘just’ use the keywords as the heading; incorporate them into something which sounds fun and interesting to read.
  • Break writing up into sections with sub-headings
  • Easy and enjoyable formats to try include 
    • Question & Answer (Q & A) or interview format (as per below – these questions and answers written by the same person, it is just made to seem like an interview)
    • Listicle (e.g: 5 Things to Know About XYZ, Our 3 Favourite New Products etc)
    • True and False Facts

Example Blog – originally published at mvskintherapy.com

Format: Q & A format

Keywords: ‘spring skin’

(H1) Spring Skin: 5 Tips for Fresh, Glowing Skin this Season

The phrase ‘spring skin’ is a glorious concept.  It brings to mind thoughts of renewal, transformation and the memory of the warm sun on our upturned faces – a return to the outdoor living we adore here in Australia!  

This week, we sat down with Sharon McGlinchey (MV Founder and renowned skin therapist) to discover what we can do now to ensure our skin remains clear, healthy and glowing throughout the warmer months.  As we emerge from winter, throw off our woolly jumpers and reach for our favourite shorts and sandals, the time is ripe to energize our skin and slough off dead skin cell build up.  We hope these tips help you to achieve your best spring skin ever…

(H2) Q: Is there anything people should do differently with their skin at this time of year?

A: Most skins feel drier in winter, so If you’ve been using a rich moisturiser it’s time to lighten up. If you’re using an MV moisturiser that’s easy. We developed our hero Rose Soothing & Protective Moisturiser to be versatile and customizable. By spritzing Rose Hydrating Mist (or spring water) over the cream in your palm and blending together, you have instantly created a lighter cream or lotion for the warmer weather.

Switching seasons is also the perfect time to ramp up mask use. I’ve always recommended to my facial clients that the best start to each new season is to commit to 3 x MV Mineral Masks in 1 week. This game-changing intensive treatment will leave your skin feeling super soft, energized and with a radiant healthy glow.

(H2) Q: Is there a trend for ‘spring cleaning’ our skin like we do our homes?

A: Spring is the season of renewal so it’s a great opportunity to spring clean your routine, your products and your skin. Spring cleansing your skin with an intensive mask programme (as described above) is the first step.  To supercharge this, you follow the mask with a 2 minute 9 Oil Radiance Tonic facial massage. This will do wonders for your dry and parched winter skin and – with a plethora of plant sterols and antioxidants – will provide a whole host of omegas and vitamins including A,C & E. 

(H2) Q: What are your essential go-to skin products for great spring skin

Essential products to waken up and refresh the skin in readiness for summer are:

Signature Mineral Mask – used 3 times in 1 week as an intensive treatment to soften, exfoliate and decongest the skin. Follow this with nightly use of the 9 Oil Radiance Tonic for 1-2 weeks to awaken and re-energize the skin in no time. Twice daily Cream Cleansing should not be overlooked either as this is another gentle way to slough off dead skin on the daily.

(H2) Q: What are your recommendations for allergy or hives sufferers?

For allergies, hives etc you can’t go past Pure Jojoba – ours is certified organic so contains zero pesticides or chemical residue.  It is so like the skin’s own sebum, it’s instantly soothing and calming for irritated skin.

(H2) Q: Any other spring tips to bear in mind?

Yes!  Don’t forget to spring clean your bathroom cabinet – this is very important but often overlooked. Using out of date or suspicious smelling products is a big no-no, so be sure to discard expired products responsibly (wash out and recycle bottles etc) and replace with new products as needed.

I hope those tips help you learn how to write an optimised blog with ease. If you’re writing for another blog, to gain a backlink as a ‘guest blogger’, read my tips for that kind of blog here!