In need of a social media update for 2019?  You may be aware that social media is no longer the Godsend it seemed to be initially for small businesses, and that your reach is way, way down – but do you know why?  And most importantly, do you know what you can do about it?

Only around 3% of your Facebook page followers will be shown your ‘free’ posts on average, and only about 20% of your Instagram followers will also see your organic content (ie un-boosted posts).

People who have never ‘engaged’ with your page or account on both FB and IG are very unlikely to be shown any posts – but the good news is, once they have engaged, it becomes more likely.

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Top 5 Tips from our ‘Social Media Update for 2019’

1. Have a Strategy which takes into account both content and activity (engagement work).

2. Spend time in Instagram and Facebook daily, don’t just go online, post and leave.  Visit other’s feeds, comment on images etc.

3. Encourage reviews – even REWARD them if need be – in Facebook.

4. Ensure most posts are designed to get some engagement – whether a comment, share or tag.  However, avoid cheesy ‘click baiting’ as this is bad for brand.

 5. Use IG and FB ‘stories’ function more and go Live as frequently as possible, even if for short periods.