A new client contract (henceforth described as a ‘service agreement’ must be signed and submitted before work is commenced for all Digital Narrative Pty Ltd projects and retainers, excluding our Website in One Week program which has separate terms and conditions.

This service agreement represents a contract between the signer and Digital Narrative Pty Ltd (ABN 56657564157) for the rendering of Digital Marketing Services.

Services to be carried out are as per the quote submitted and accepted via email for regular projects OR as per the listed inclusions for Website in One Week projects and agreed to upon payment of the commencement deposit.  A service agreement must be signed and submitted prior to work commencing on your project, along with the initial commencement payment made. 

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Your service agreement legally confirms the following;

  1. You are hiring Digital Narrative Pty Ltd for the work specifically detailed in the quote submitted to you via email, or for the Website in One Week program as per the inclusions listed on the webpage https://www.digitalnarrative.com.au/digital-marketing-solutions/website-in-one-week.
  2. Additional tasks outside the scope of work detailed in the emailed quote or the list of inclusions will attract an additional fee unless otherwise negotiated in writing with Lauren Hamilton-Thompson, owner and operator of Digital Narrative Pty Ltd.  
  3. This fee may take the form of an hourly rate OR a set fee for services rendered, as per the discretion of Digital Narrative Pty Ltd.
  4. For PROJECTS, including Website in One Week projects, an upfront payment of 50% of the total agreed fee is required for work to commence.  Work – including extended phone calls on the proposed work, brainstorms, exploratory meetings and any other communication – will not commence until this payment is received.
  5. Work will NOT commence on Website in One Week projects until all content has been submitted via our four Modules. Content for websites can not be submitted via email, messaging services or any other way.
  6. The remaining 50% of the total agreed fee for all projects will be invoiced upon completion of work.  This payment is due within 14 days of receipt of invoice.
  7. For RETAINERS, the agreed monthly amount will be invoiced automatically on the 20th of each month.  Any additional hours for work completed outside of the agreed scope of work will also be invoiced at this time.
  8. All Retainer agreements are valid for the duration of three months, at which point Digital Narrative Pty Ltd reserves the right to reassess or renegotiate the terms of the contract.  This may include an adjustment of tasks or fees.
  9. You agree to furnish the Digital Narrative team with all required account details and content required to enable the team to perform the work contracted for.  Failure to do so may result in project delay, or an inability to complete the project.
  10. For Website in One Week projects, you have 30 days from purchasing the program to complete all four modules and submit all necessary content to build your site. Extensions may be granted at the discretion of Digital Narrative Pty Ltd.
  11. For standard projects including custom website builds, if we’re unable to continue work on your project because we have not been furnished with the required materials or access codes, we reserve the right to reschedule the project after 7 days of delay.
  12. Our business hours are Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm.  Unless in a genuine emergency, we cannot be contacted by phone and do not conduct work outside of these hours.  In an emergency (e.g. website crash), we reserve the right to charge an additional fee for out-of-house service at our discretion.  This can be discussed at the time of briefing.
  13. If dissatisfied with any aspect of our work, you agree to promptly inform Digital Narrative Pty Ltd to enable the team to rectify any issues agreed upon.  Refusing to make final payment is not an acceptable method of conveying dissatisfaction with our work.
  14. Refunds are ONLY offered for the Website in One Week project, and only under specific terms and conditions. Click here to read these.