We’ve teamed up with fellow Social Media Manager, Sonia Irani, to share her favourite ways to use Instagram Reels for small business owners. See her previous guest blogs at ‘Social Media Update and ‘Social Media Tips‘.

When the pandemic struck and the world was locked in their homes, many people turned to social media for a respite from the bleak forecasts and to achieve a sense of connection to others—even if that connection came through watching videos online.

Tiktok certainly saw a meteoric increase in users during 2020, with global use of the platform increasing nearly 36% from December 2019 to July of 2020.

With so much of the world fascinated with Tiktok’s short video format, other platforms quickly adopted similar features. In August of 2020, Instagram launched Instagram Reels and content posted there quickly went viral.

Given the fact that Reels (and the short video format in general) appear to be here to stay, businesses should take advantage and begin incorporating them into their social media marketing strategy.

Curious as to what content to include in your Instagram Reels? Here are 5 suggestions for content that is Reel friendly and can boost your engagement.

1. Use Instagram Reels to Share Your Brand Story

Customers are hungry for brands that are real and accessible. Creating a strong brand story will deepen your connection with followers, and Reels are an excellent way to do just that.

Create videos letting viewers know exactly who you are as a brand? What is your business’ origin story? What do you stand for? What makes your product or service relevant? What do you hope to accomplish with your business?

Communicating your story to customers in a genuine way will humanise your brand and help you build brand recognition.

2. Create Interesting How-to Videos

Reels allow you to introduce viewers to your products and services in fun and interesting ways. Keep the interaction genuine and authentic—focus less on selling the product and more on how great the service is or what problem the product solves for customers.

3. Make Tutorial Videos

Giving followers helpful information is a great way to build trust in your brand. Viewers appreciate brands who move beyond trying to sell something and who offer value to their lives. Create a tutorial video that provides helpful tips or tricks within your industry.

4. Offer Exclusive Discounts

Who doesn’t love a good discount code? Offering discounts to those who view your Reels creates an atmosphere of exclusivity…that viewers are in on a secret no one else knows about. Create fun and interesting content showcasing a new product, then surprise viewers with a discount code…you might be surprised at the number of views that convert to sales.

5. Let Viewers Meet Your Team

The more human your brand seems, the more relatable you’ll be to viewers. Use Reels to introduce viewers to the people behind your brand. Showcase team members and ask them questions about themselves and why they enjoy working for your business.

If you’re not sure what content to include in your Reels, take a look at the Reels posted by competitors in your field. What content are they sharing? While you don’t want to copy their content exactly, there’s nothing wrong with using it for a little inspiration.

Once you start posting Reels, be sure to monitor which videos are liked and shared the most—this will help you determine what kind of content best speaks to your viewers.

Here’s to creating riveting Instagram Reels that boost engagement and brand recognition!


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Sonia Irani is an experienced marketer who has been working for companies big and small for over a decade. It wasn’t until she started working with Small Businesses that she realised where her skills could best be utilised. And that is what her business, Little Miss Purple is all about. “I personally want to help small business owners who have tight budgets and big dreams about their business growth.” Known for her skills and integrity coupled with a positive outlook, Sonia is a great asset to any business or team she has worked with.

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