Recently, I contributed to a very long and detailed article on the subject of the outsourcing benefits which small business owners can reap, with the right tools and mindset.

With over 40 small business owners and entrepreneurs sharing their tips, it makes for inspiring reading if you’re in the position of ‘too much work, not enough time’, as many of us are.

My personal experience shows clearly how outsourcing benefits not just the business owner, but everyone around them. Since I started to delegate tasks to a trusted team of freelancers and sub-contracted professionals, I have more time to spend with my family, and more time to do the things I love which make me much nicer to be around.

I hope you enjoy my tips, below, and I encourage you to head over to the original article to explore the many other suggestions and stories about outsourcing benefits contained within.

Outsourcing Benefits: 41 Entrepreneurs Share their Experiences (An Excerpt)

This year, I began outsourcing work on my own website to a freelance web developer I have worked with in the past.

Because I’m capable of updating and improving my website, I’ve always thought it was a waste of budget to pay someone else to add blogs, update and tweak content and plugins, etc, but it has made a big difference to my SEO already.

While in theory, I can do it, I never have the time, and always put working on my own site at the bottom of my priority list.

Paying someone I trust to make it her priority means I’ve added new blogs and images more frequently, fixed some niggling navigation and link errors, and cleaned up a lot of obsolete aspects.

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