Small Business Website Mistakes
April 18, 2019

Is your small business website not really performing how you envisaged it might in terms of lead generation, sales or Google rankings?

Over the past 7 years, in which we’ve built or redeveloped 34 websites, we’ve found that there are common website mistakes which small business owners make, time and again. The good news is, most of these errors are easily fixed if you’re fairly web-savvy – and if you’re not, you know where to find us!

Top Small Business Website No-No’s

1) Focusing too heavily on aesthetics over functionality.

Yes it has to look gorgeous and reflect your brand. But if it doesn’t also put forth exactly what you do, if it’s opaque or hard to navigate, people will visit, but not take the action you want them to take.

2) Ignoring search engine friendliness

We see this on the daily. The easiest time to consider what you want to be ‘googlable’ for is before you build your site, as you can then action your plan as you’re creating each page, BUT if it’s too late for that, it really isn’t hard to rectify afterwards. Check out our SEO Audit & Strategy Package here!

3) Not including enough calls-to-action

Make sure there’ no point at which a visitor to your website could possible be thinking ‘I want to buy this but I don’t know how?’ This is your worst nightmare. Ensure you can reach out or add-to-cart no matter where you are, and that compatible products are grouped for interest to encourage multiple product purchases.

If you look at your small business website as both a calling card and online ‘portfolio’ for your business, but also as a hard-working member of your sales team who needs to be equipped with all of the tools to succeed, you’ll create something both beautiful and functional which will have a much higher strike rate!

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