Have you ever wondered about lead magnets? Guest blogger, Mel Daniels, shares her expertise and explains what they are and how to create them to perfectly fit your brand.

Lead magnets (aka freebies or opt-ins) are a great way to build your email list. In fact, they’re really the only way to build your email list these days. Have you ever popped your email address into someone’s newsletter sign up form on their website on the promise of ‘tips delivered to your inbox’? Nope, me either. It’s human nature to want something in return for your highly valuable email address. Enter, the lead magnet!

Now, most marketers would say that you need to create a lead magnet that appeals to the largest number of people possible. This is so you can attract (hopefully) thousands of cold leads into your sales funnel and then sell them your thing.

The problem with this is that either you end up creating something that doesn’t deliver on its hyped-up promise (resulting in a bad brand experience) or you attract people that aren’t aligned with you. Not great, either way.

I believe a more connected approach will bring you more success with less work. By using the client journey, you will meet your ideal client exactly where they are in their journey and help them take one step forward in solving their problem.

You get the subscriber and the lead, but you also start to form a relationship. And that’s where the gold lies.

If you’re looking to create a new lead magnet, add one to your list of resources or simply re-imagine an old one, here are a few tips to make sure that you’re creating the perfect lead magnet for your business.

1. Does it make sense?

This is the number one mistake that I see business owners make. They create a pretty lead magnet that they believe solves their ideal client’s problem, but it doesn’t lead into a service that they provide.

Your subscriber needs to be able to make the logical connection that they can go further or deeper with you on the small problem that you’ve just help them solve.

Let me give you an example here. Bec (my ideal client) is really harsh on herself when it comes to the lack of direction and ideas she has with her content. She’s super exhausted with running a business and family and has no time for herself.

Now, I could give Bec a checklist of 5 healthy snacks to boost your mood and energy. It solves a problem she has (exhaustion and not looking after herself), but when she’s feeling great and full of energy and wanting to know more about how she can look after herself, she’s going to be confused as I can’t give that to her!

So, whilst we need to look at our ideal client, we first need to look at ourselves to see what it is that we can provide to start to take them on a journey with us. Pick your service or package first that you’re creating a lead magnet for and work backwards from there.

2. Does my ideal client care?

Now you’ve looked within, it’s time check in with your Bec. Do you even know who she is? If you’re not crystal clear, you can download my Un-boring Ideal Client Avatar Workbook to help you relate to her (added bonus is you can see a lead magnet in action ?)

Then ask yourself these questions:

  • What is she thinking and feeling?
  • What is her problem?
  • How can you use your knowledge and expertise to help her?
  • What is the end state that she desires (the transformation)?
  • How does she like to consume content?

Addressing these questions will help you find the perfect lead magnet topic.

3. Is it actionable?

For the love of all things content, make your lead magnet short, easy, simple and actionable. As a guide your ideal client should see it, sign up, download and take action within 30 minutes. Yep. That’s it.

No fancy 30-page eBook, no 90-minute video series. Just quick, actionable steps to get them moving and loving you.

The perfect lead magnet isn’t just about getting numbers and transactions into your sales funnel. It’s about creating sustainable relationships that will serve you, your business and your ideal client. By following these tips you’ll be attracting quality leads into your client journey so that you can go on to nurture and convert them.

If you’ve worked through these tips and are still struggling with an idea for your perfect lead magnet, then come over and ask inside The Content Project. You never know, Bec may just be hanging out inside.

About the author

Mel Daniels is the founder of Meld Business Services. She empowers women to grow their business with strategic content that connects, nurtures and converts. You can find her on Instagram and Facebook and inside her Facebook Group The Content Project.